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Oct 06

What’s the deal with sleep cycles?

Once we fall asleep our 90 minute sleep cycle begins.

A good night’s sleep consists of 5-6 complete sleep cycles.

Apparently, waking up in between sleep cycles instead of during them
can help us feel optimally refreshed.

sleepyti.me calculates what time to wake up/fall asleep so you don’t
have to interrupt a 90 minute sleep


Apr 20

Why go natural when it comes to Laundry Detergent?

Ever notice how a smell can bring back a rush of memories?

This phenomenon is something to consider when it comes to why we buy the same household products our parents used or that we ourselves have grown accustomed to.

The human sense of smell works directly with the part of our brain that stores and processes memories, the part that handles associative learning - so it makes sense that scents are able to evoke powerful emotional responses.

The chemical composition of the smells we breathe in is also something worth thinking about.

While natural essences from plants have healing benefits when inhaled or applied to the skin, synthetic fragrance has the opposite effect. It is derived from petrochemicals and assembled by chemists in an attempt to mimic smells that exist in the world.

When we inhale synthetic fragrance (found in nearly every body care and household product marketed to us…especially laundry detergent) we are taking in hormone disruptors that compromise our cells’ ability to clear out toxins. Even the Cancer Prevention Coalition admits that perfume (found in laundry detergent) is an indoor air pollutant.

Products made from synthetic fragrance may seem more affordable to consumers (it can be produced cheaply and easily), but the health issues related to using them must also be taken into account.

Not only is inhaling certain chemicals detrimental to our immune system, having certain chemicals on or near our skin (our largest organ that absorbs more than half of everything it comes into contact with) is really damaging too.

I have heard it said that if you are going to wear perfume you might as well drink it because anything that penetrates our skin goes directly into our bloodstream.

When we apply product to our bodies (or clothes, or hair) we have a choice, and a chance to give our system something really good instead of toxic chemicals. 

The beauty of knowing this is that we can consciously choose to use cleaner (non-toxic) alternatives, organic versions, and homemade substitutes.

That being said, we have scoured the market for a product that we can offer that performs as well (or better) than “Brand X”.

With passion for natural products that perform well and are at a  better value, we are proudly introducing:

Excelsior HE Laundry Detergent - Environmentally Friendly - Phosphate Free, Biodegradable, Solvent Free - $79

The Excelsior HE Laundry Detergent is a revolutionary cleaning product that offers amazing value!!  When combined with the Excelsior HE Stain Remover, you have the perfect match, resulting in unsurpassed cleaning and performance, leaving clothes fresh and clean!

It also comes with a 30 day Adore It or your money back guarantee!

Excelsior Concentrated Laundry Detergent

Excelsior HE Laundry Stain Remover

The Excelsior HE Laundry Stain Remover uses an innovative technology that cleans with the power of Enzymes.


We are responsible for our own health as well as for the health of the planet that will be left for future generations.

This is critical time; if we continue abusing our natural resources and using products that contaminate everything they come into contact with, there will be grave consequences.

Why not go natural when it comes to Laundry Detergent?